In the Matter of the Application of Black Hills/Nebraska Gas Utility Company, LLC, d/b/a Black Hills Energy, seeking Approval of its Cost of Service Gas Hedge Agreement With Black Hills Utility Holdings, Inc.

Date Filed Description
9/30/15 Cover Letter
9/30/15 Motion for Protective Order with Cover Letter
9/30/15 Application
9/30/15 Affidavits
9/30/15 Testimony of Ivan Vancas
  Testimony of Aaron Carr
  Testimony of John Benton
  Testimony of Adrien McKenzie
  Testimony of Chris Kilpatrick
  Testimony of Chuck Loomis
  Testimony of Julia Ryan
10/5/15 Daily Record
10/13/15 PA's Petition of Formal Intervention
10/30/15 ACE Intervention
10/30/15 NMPP Intervention
2/16/16 Testimony of Beth Ackland
2/16/16 Testimony of John Harms
2/16/16 Testimony of Michael J. McGarry Sr.
2/16/16 Testimony of Stephen Bennett
2/16/16 Testimony of Andrew Bushra
2/16/16 Testimony of Steve Sorenson
3/24/16 Motion for Pro Hac Vice - Cameron Sabin
3/24/16 Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice - Robert J. Alessi
3/24/16 Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice - Mark A. Nadeau
3/24/16 Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice - Cole Schlabach
3/22/16 Request for Excusal Constellation
3/22/16 Report to Nebraska
3/29/16 Cover Letter
  Rebuttal Testimony of Aarron Carr
  Exhibit AC-3 - Customer Impact Calculation
  Exhibit AC-4 - AEO Tab 13 - Reference Case
  Rebuttal Testimony of Chris Kilpatrick
  Rebuttal Testimony of Richard C. (Chuck) Loomis
  Rebuttal Testimony of John H. Benton
  Rebuttal Testimony of Adrien M. McKenzie, CFA
  Rebuttal Testimony of Julia Ryan
  Exhibit JMR-2 Money.CNN.com_US Oil and Gas Bankrupticies
  Exhibit JMR-3 Moody's Ratings on 9 E&P Companies
  Exhibit JMR-4 2015 Annual Energy Outlook to 2040
  Rebuttal Testimony of Ivan Vancas
  Exhibit IV-5 - Order Approving the Wexpro II Agreement
  Exhibit IV-6 - Wexpro II Agreement
  Exhibit IV-7 - Order Approving Stipulation
  Rebuttal Testimony of Kyle White
  Exhibit KDW-1 - Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price
6/3/16 Post Hearing Brief - Public Advocate
  Post Hearing Brief - Black Hills Energy - Redacted
  Post Hearing Brief - Constellation Newenergy
  Post Hearing Brief - Public Alliance FOr Community Energy and Nebraska Municipal Power Pool

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