In the Matter of Black Hills/Nebraska Gas Utility Company, LLC d/b/a Black Hills Energy, Omaha, seeking approval of an infrastructure system replacement cost recovery charge, pursuant to Sections 66-1865 and 66-1866 of the State Natural Gas Regulation Act.

Date Filed Description
4/6/15 Application
4/6/15 Pipeline Replacement Charge Letter
4/6/15 Attachment DJN-1 (Capitalization Policy)
4/6/15 Attachment DJN-2 (Technical Standards - Project Capital Allocation)
4/6/15 Attachment JSK-1
4/6/15 Exhibit A Tariff - Clean
4/6/15 Exhibit B Tracked
4/6/15 Exhibit C Pipeline Replacement Charge Calculation Schedules
4/6/15 Exhibit D Direct Testimony - Nordell
4/6/15 Exhibit E Direct Testimony - Keil
6/5/15 Public Advocate Report
6/15/15 BHE Response to Public Advocate Report

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