In the Matter of the Application of SourceGas Distribution LLC, Golden, Colorado, seeking an order authorizing it to put into effect a system safety and integrity rider tariff and a system safety and integrity rider charge. Commissioner Rod Johnson presiding as Hearing Officer.


Date Filed Description
5/1/14 Application
  Prefiled Direct Testimony of Charles A. Bayles
  Prefiled Direct Testimony of Jerrad S. Hammer
5/15/14 Petition for Intervention
5/27/14 Motion For Protective Order
8/8/14 Letter from Wood River
9/5/14 PA Testimony of William Dunkel
9/5/14 PA Testimony of Donna Mullinax
9/11/14 Prefiled Testimony of Jerrad S. Hammer
9/11/14 Prefiled Testimonry of Jason R. Pickett
10/15/14 Post-Hearing Brief of SourceGas Distribution, LLC
10/15/14 Post-Hearing Brief of Public Advocate


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