In the Matter of the Application of SourceGas Distribution LLC, Golden, Colorado, seeking authority to reflect changed depreciation rates on its Nebraska Books of Account effective May 1, 2014, without impacting existing rates. Commission Rod Johnson presiding as Hearing Officer.


Date of Filing Description
5/1/14 Application
7/11/14 Prefiled Direct Testimony of Jerrad S. Hammer
7/11/14 Prefiled Direct Testimony of Dane Watson
9/5/14 PA Testimony of William Dunkel
9/5/14 PA Testimony of Donna Mullinax
9/11/14 Prefiled Testimony of Jerrad S. Hammer
9/11/14 Prefiled Testimony of Jason R. Pickett
9/11/14 Prefiled Testimony of Dane A. Watson
10/15/14 Post-Hearing Brief of SourceGas Distribution, LLC
10/15/14 Post-Hearing Brief of Public Advocate

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