In the Matter of the Joint Application of SourceGas Distribution, LLC, SourceGas Holdings, LLC, both of Golden, Colorado, and Black Hills Utility Holdings, Inc., Papillion, Nebraska, seeking Necessary Authorizations and Approvals for Black Hills Holdings, Inc. to Acquire SourceGas Holdings, LLC.

Date Filed Description
8/10/15 Joint Application with Exhibits
8/10/15 Direct Testimony with Exhibits
8/10/15 Joint Motion For Protective Order
9/10/15 ACE Formal Intervention
9/10/15 NMPP Formal Intervention
9/10/15 Public Advocate Formal Intervention
9/14/15 Petition of Formal Intervention
10/5/15 NNMP Direct Testimony - Andrew Ross
10/5/15 ACE Direct Testimony - Beth Ackland
11/5/15 Constellation - E. Brolin Testimony Affidavit
11/5/15 Constellation - P. Kent Testimony Affidavit
11/5/15 Constellation - S. Sorenson Testimony Affidavit
11/6/15 Direct Testimony of Donna Mullinax
12/21/15 Nebraska ChoiceGas Settlement Agreement
12/21/15 PA Stipulation and Agreement
12/23/15 Rebuttal and Settlement Testimony - Kyle White
3/9/16 Complete Tariff
3/9/16 Redlined Tariff Sheets

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