Consolidated Telephone's Transition Plan
Local Service
Residence, Hyannis Base8.3013.0013.0017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Hyannis Adder Zone
Residence, Hyannis Adder Zone
Residence, Hyannis Adder Zone 38.856.506.502.002.002.00
Residence, Hyannis Adder Zone 410.956.506.502.002.002.00
Residence, Hyannis Adder Zone 510.956.506.502.002.002.00
Residence, Hyannis Adder Zone 610.956.506.502.002.002.00
Residence, Hyannis Adder Zone 710.956.506.502.002.002.00
Residence, Hyannis Adder Zone 8 to 1510.957.507.503.003.003.00
Residence, Hyannis Adder Over 1510.958.508.504.004.004.00
Residence, Halsey Base6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Halsey Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Halsey Adder Zone 26.405.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Halsey Adder Zone 38.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Halsey Adder Zone 48.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Halsey Adder Zone 58.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Halsey Adder Zone 68.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Halsey Adder Zone 78.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Halsey Adder Zone 8 to 158.807.
Residence, Halsey Adder Over 158.807.907.904.004.004.00
Residence, Halsey Special Rate Area6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Dunning Base6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Dunning Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Dunning Adder Zone 26.405.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Dunning Adder Zone 38.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Dunning Adder Zone 48.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Dunning Adder Zone 58.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Dunning Adder Zone 68.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Dunning Adder Zone 78.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Dunning Adder Zone 8 to 158.807.
Residence, Dunning Adder Over 158.807.907.904.004.004.00
Residence, Whitman Base19.2519.2519.2519.2519.2519.25
Residence, Mullen Base6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Mullen Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Mullen Adder Zone 26.405.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Mullen Adder Zone 39.205.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Mullen Adder Zone 410.807.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Mullen Adder Zone 512.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Mullen Adder Zone 612.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Mullen Adder Zone 712.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Mullen Adder Zone 8 to 1512.558.408.403.003.003.00
Residence, Mullen Adder Over 1512.559.409.404.004.004.00
Residence, Brewster Base6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Brewster Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Brewster Adder Zone 26.405.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Brewster Adder Zone 38.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Brewster Adder Zone 48.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Brewster Adder Zone 58.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Brewster Adder Zone 68.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Brewster Adder Zone 78.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Brewster Adder Zone 8 to 158.807.
Residence, Brewster Adder Over 158.807.907.904.004.004.00
Residence, Ashby Base19.2519.2519.2519.2519.2519.25
Residence, Bingham Base19.2519.2519.2519.2519.2519.25
Residence, Seneca Base6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Seneca Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Seneca Adder Zone 26.405.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Seneca Adder Zone 39.205.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Seneca Adder Zone 410.807.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Seneca Adder Zone 512.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Seneca Adder Zone 612.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Seneca Adder Zone 712.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Seneca Adder Zone 8 to 1512.558.408.403.003.003.00
Residence, Seneca Adder Over 1512.559.409.404.004.004.00
Residence, Merna Base6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Merna Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Merna Adder Zone 26.405.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Merna Adder Zone 38.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Merna Adder Zone 48.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Merna Adder Zone 58.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Merna Adder Zone 68.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Merna Adder Zone 78.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Merna Adder Zone 8 to 158.807.
Residence, Merna Adder Over 158.807.907.904.004.004.00
Residence, Thedford Base6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Thedford Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Thedford Adder Zone 26.405.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Thedford Adder Zone 39.205.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Thedford Adder Zone 410.807.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Thedford Adder Zone 512.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Thedford Adder Zone 612.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Thedford Adder Zone 712.557.407.402.002.002.00
Residence, Thedford Adder Zone 8 to 1512.558.408.403.003.003.00
Residence, Thedford Adder Over 1512.559.409.404.004.004.00
Residence, Brownlee Base19.2519.2519.2519.2519.2519.25
Residence, Anselmo Base6.7012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Anselmo Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Anselmo Adder Zone 26.405.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Anselmo Adder Zone 38.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Anselmo Adder Zone 48.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Anselmo Adder Zone 58.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Anselmo Adder Zone 68.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Anselmo Adder Zone 78.805.905.902.002.002.00
Residence, Anselmo Adder Zone 8 to 158.807.
Residence, Anselmo Adder Over 158.807.907.904.004.004.00
Residence, Arthur Base11.0015.0015.0017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Arthur Adder Zone
Residence, Arthur Adder Zone 24.904.504.502.002.002.00
Residence, Arthur Adder Zone 38.254.504.502.002.002.00
Residence, Arthur Adder Zone 48.254.504.502.002.002.00
Residence, Arthur Adder Zone 58.254.504.502.002.002.00
Residence, Arthur Adder Zone 68.254.504.502.002.002.00
Residence, Arthur Adder Zone 78.254.504.502.002.002.00
Residence, Arthur Adder Zone 8 to 158.255.505.503.003.003.00
Residence, Arthur Adder Over 158.256.506.504.004.004.00
Residence, Purdum Base5.2012.1012.1017.5017.5017.50
Residence, Purdum Adder Zone 13.600.
Residence, Purdum Adder Zone 23.902.402.402.002.002.00
Residence, Purdum Adder Zone 33.902.402.402.002.002.00
Residence, Purdum Adder Zone 43.902.402.402.002.002.00
Residence, Purdum Adder Zone 53.902.402.402.002.002.00
Residence, Purdum Adder Zone 63.902.402.402.002.002.00
Residence, Purdum Adder Zone 73.902.402.402.002.002.00
Residence, Purdum Adder Zone 8 to 153.903.903.903.003.003.00
Residence, Purdum Adder Over 153.903.903.903.753.753.75
Residence, All Touch Tone Credit(1.50)
Business, Hyannis Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Hyannis Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Hyannis Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Hyannis Adder Zone 37.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Hyannis Adder Zone 49.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Hyannis Adder Zone 59.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Hyannis Adder Zone 69.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Hyannis Adder Zone 79.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Hyannis Adder Zone 8 to 159.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Hyannis Adder Over 159.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Halsey Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Halsey Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Adder Zone 35.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Adder Zone 45.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Adder Zone 55.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Adder Zone 65.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Adder Zone 75.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Adder Zone 8 to 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Adder Over 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Halsey Special Rate Area10.4515.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Dunning Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Dunning Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Dunning Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Dunning Adder Zone 35.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Dunning Adder Zone 45.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Dunning Adder Zone 55.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Dunning Adder Zone 65.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Dunning Adder Zone 75.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Dunning Adder Zone 8 to 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Dunning Adder Over 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Whitman Base19.7522.5025.0027.5027.5027.50
Business, Mullen Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Mullen Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Mullen Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Mullen Adder Zone 37.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Mullen Adder Zone 49.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Mullen Adder Zone 59.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Mullen Adder Zone 69.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Mullen Adder Zone 79.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Mullen Adder Zone 8 to 159.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Mullen Adder Over 159.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Brewster Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Brewster Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Brewster Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Brewster Adder Zone 35.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Brewster Adder Zone 45.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Brewster Adder Zone 55.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Brewster Adder Zone 65.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Brewster Adder Zone 75.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Brewster Adder Zone 8 to 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Brewster Adder Over 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Ashby Base19.7522.5025.0027.5027.5027.50
Business, Bingham Base19.7522.5025.0027.5027.5027.50
Business, Seneca Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Seneca Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Seneca Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Seneca Adder Zone 37.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Seneca Adder Zone 49.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Seneca Adder Zone 59.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Seneca Adder Zone 69.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Seneca Adder Zone 79.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Seneca Adder Zone 8 to 159.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Seneca Adder Over 159.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Merna Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Merna Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Merna Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Merna Adder Zone 35.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Merna Adder Zone 45.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Merna Adder Zone 55.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Merna Adder Zone 65.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Merna Adder Zone 75.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Merna Adder Zone 8 to 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Merna Adder Over 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Thedford Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Thedford Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Thedford Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Thedford Adder Zone 37.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Thedford Adder Zone 49.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Thedford Adder Zone 59.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Thedford Adder Zone 69.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Thedford Adder Zone 79.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Thedford Adder Zone 8 to 159.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Thedford Adder Over 159.657.505.503.500.000.00
Business, Brownlee Base19.7522.5025.0027.5027.5027.50
Business, Anselmo Base10.1015.0019.5024.0027.5027.50
Business, Anselmo Adder Zone 13.650.
Business, Anselmo Adder Zone 25.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Anselmo Adder Zone 35.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Anselmo Adder Zone 45.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Anselmo Adder Zone 55.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Anselmo Adder Zone 65.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Anselmo Adder Zone 75.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Anselmo Adder Zone 8 to 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Anselmo Adder Over 155.905.504.503.500.000.00
Business, Arthur Base18.5022.5025.0027.5027.5027.50
Business, Arthur Adder Zone
Business, Arthur Adder Zone
Business, Arthur Adder Zone
Business, Arthur Adder Zone
Business, Arthur Adder Zone
Business, Arthur Adder Zone
Business, Arthur Adder Zone
Business, Arthur Adder Zone 8 to
Business, Arthur Adder Over
Business, Purdum Base8.1014.0018.5023.0027.5027.50
Business, Purdum Adder Zone
Business, Purdum Adder Zone
Business, Purdum Adder Zone
Business, Purdum Adder Zone
Business, Purdum Adder Zone
Business, Purdum Adder Zone
Business, Purdum Adder Zone
Business, Purdum Adder Zone 8 to
Business, Purdum Adder Over
Business, All Touch Tone Credit(2.00)
Intrastate Access Service
Carrier Common Line0.058000000.020000000.020000000.020000000.020000000.01000000
Local Switching and DA Info Surcharge0.027968000.032365000.032365000.032365000.032365000.03236500
Tandem Transport Termination0.006550000.001645000.005508530.009372060.017099130.01709913
Tandem Transport Facility0.000536000.000333750.000339360.000344980.000356210.00035621
Tandem Switching0.003453750.003453750.003453750.003453750.00345375