Pending Applications

Date Filed Appl.No. Applicant Staff Atty Type Protest Date Hearing Hearing Officer
05/18/04 C-3206 Nebraska Internet Enhancement Fund NM Administer Fund Continuing   Johnson
02/01/11 C-4328 NPSC/IXC service quality NM PI-176 Continuing   Landis
04/17/12 C-4459 NPSC/intercarrier compensation reform SK PI-185 Continuing   Landis
12/15/15 C-4807 NPSC/Broadband Deployment SK PI-202 1/26/16   Schram
2/7/17 C-4892 NPSC/CenturyLink SK Show Cause 3/13/17 3/28/17 Schram
2/22/17 C-4893 NPSC/Redundancy and Testing Investigation SK PI-207 3/27/17   Schram
3/2/17 C-4904 Minette Malm/Hamilton Telephone Company/CenturyLink NM Boundary Change 4/7/17 10/4/17 Johnson
10/3/17 C-4946 NPSC/Service Outage Reporting Requirements SK PI-209 11/8/17   Rhoades
9/29/17 C-4950 Cincinnati Bell Any Distance, Inc. SK Name Change 11/3/17    
10/4/17 C-4951 Lori Barr/Windstream/Blue Valley Telecommunications SK Boundary Change 11/9/17    
10/18/17 C-4952 Citizens Telecommunications of Nebraska SK Waiver 11/22/17    
10/20/17 C-4953 Windstream Systems of the Midwest, inc. SK Access Tariff 11/27/17    
10/23/17 C-4954 Arlington, Blair, Eastern, Rock, Huntel dba American Broadband SK Indebtedness 11/27/17    
10/26/17 C-4955 Windstream Nebraska, Inc./Broadview Networks, Inc. SK Interconnection 12/1/17    
11/3/17 C-4956 Herman Bohlken/Windstream/Blue Valley Telecommunications SK Boundary Change 12/11/17    
11/15/17 C-4957 BCHI Holdings, LLC/Birch Communications, Inc./Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc./Network Billing Systems, LLC SK Financing/Transfer of Control      
Date Filed Appl.No. Applicant Staff Atty Type Hearing Hearing Officer  
7/12/17 FC-1366 Viaero Wireless/Qwest Corporation d/b/a CenturyLink QC and United Telephone Company of the West d/b/a CenturyLink SK Formal Complaint   Ridder  

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